The Ministry of Finance of Italy (MEF) has approved new technical specification rules for the exchange of electronic orders within the Italian public healthcare sector. Introduction of mandatory e-ordering in the public healthcare sector started in February 2020. Under this framework, suppliers to the public healthcare sector are obliged to send and receive orders electronically via NSO or Peppol, irrespective of whether the supplier is an Italian company or established abroad.

More on the e-ordering mandate can be found here, including mandate requirements, details on implementation timelines and further technical specifications.

New technical specifications

The new technical specifications introduce a number of smaller modifications and bug fixes. Among larger changes, one can identify the following:

  • Special handling and classification of orders dedicated for handling the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19, as defined under Article 18 of the decree-law of 17 March 2020, no. 18;
  • Introduction of new order sub-type: Rental Order and Arranged Order;
  • Changes to existing order subtypes: Order and Order Confirmation;
  • It has been stressed upon the need to indicate certain values of fiscal value;
  • Adapts NSO format to the new Peppol 3.0.4 version published 5 May 2020.


No firm timelines for when the changes will enter into force have been specified yet. Thus, from past experience, the suppliers could expect to receive documents with the modifications already now. However, it’s not unlikely that the timelines will be announced officially in the coming months.

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