Sigtuna Kommun handles e-orders and e-invoice with Pagero

One single channel for all flows

Sigtuna Municipality have been using Pagero’s e-invoice services for several years. Now, they have also started sending e-orders via Pagero. Pagero’s e-order and e-invoicing services are built upon a single platform, Pagero Online. Thanks to this, Sigtuna Municipality can handle their entire e-order and e-invoice flow via one single channel.

Yearly turnover

Pagero has also been assigned to help their suppliers get started with receiving e-orders from Sigtuna Municipality using Pagero Web Portal. Pagero Web Portal is a web based service for receiving e-orders online for companies that do not have an existing order system.

“We have been using Pagero’s services to receive e-invoices from our suppliers for several years and we are very happy with this cooperation. We have now increased our focus internally on e-orders so it felt very natural to start using Pagero e-order,” says Per Carlsson, Finance Manager at Sigtuna Municipality.

“We have been working with e-trade for a long time but with a technique that only our largest suppliers can handle. With Pagero e-order we can easily reach all our contract suppliers, even smaller and mid-sized companies. We can now handle larger e-orders and larger volumes at the same time as we reach a larger number of suppliers including small businesses, which was very important to us,” says Carlsson.

“There are not that many e-order solutions on the market today. We chose Pagero thanks to our long-lasting cooperation and also because we see a great potential in them. We are very pleased with the support team and the contact we have with Pagero, which were also determining factors for our decision.”

“So far, the transition to e-order handling has been very smooth, things have gone almost surprisingly well,” says Carlsson. “There is still a lot of work before we have all our suppliers in production since the on-boarding process is still in progress, but so far the solution has far exceeded our expectations and the response from our suppliers has been very positive. The integration of e-invoices and e-orders helps us further increase our efficiency. We can definitely recommend Pagero as a service provider!” says Per Carlsson.


About Sigtuna Municipality

Sigtuna Municipality is situated between Uppsala and Stockholm. The thousand year old town Sigtuna with its ancient ruins and Sweden’s largest airport Arlanda Airport are located on either side of Märsta, the largest town in the municipality. Sigtuna Municipality is in constant growth, with 41 000 habitants.