Pagero and Centsoft have announced the beginning of a new two-way partnership. The two tech companies are teaming up to offer their clientele a complete solution for automated financial operations.

The new partnership comes on the back of two recent acquisitions: the acquisition of Centsoft by Palette Software, and that of Palette Network by Pagero. Pagero and Centsoft finalised an agreement this fall that will prove to be mutually beneficial for both companies, as well as improve the customer experience.

More options for a complete solution

Together, Pagero and Centsoft are opening doors to better order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay options for their customers. Centsoft offers a cloud-based workflow system to streamline accounts payable operations. Its quick and easy set up model makes it a simple solution for Pagero customers lacking a workflow system.

Pagero offers a 100% digital inbound e-invoice solution that will serve as option for Centsoft customers looking to fully automate their accounts payable processes. For clients in need of accounts receivable automation or a complete solution for electronic O2C and P2P processes, Centsoft can refer them to Pagero’s service offering.

Offering high quality data and smoother workflows

“To take advantage of the full benefits of the Pagero services for AP automation, and stay ahead of the digital transformation, a workflow system is key. With the combination of Pagero and Centsoft, the level of data quality has never been higher and workflow processes never smoother. We welcome Centsoft to the Pagero Partner Community and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship,” says Mattias Enerbäck, Partner Manager at Pagero.

“Together with Pagero we can offer competitive solutions for our customers to digitise and automate their business processes. With a seamless integration between Pagero and Centsoft, the capture, coding and workflow of supplier invoices will be more efficient. We are confident that this partnership will be a success for both Centsoft and Pagero and we are looking forward to a bigger spread of our automation solutions worldwide,” states Ingrid Apelgren, Head of International Markets at Centsoft.

Pagero + Centsoft

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Centsoft is a leading SaaS actor who automate the management of incoming invoices for 3,000 companies. Centsoft was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in central Stockholm, Sweden with distribution channels and partners in Europe, Australia and North America. Our solution is the result of many years’ experience and best practices in vendor invoice workflow management. We offer an Accounts Payable solution that suits companies of all sizes and business types worldwide.

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