Following the agreement made between IFS and Pagero on Pagero Automated Trade Platform for IFS, Pagero has entered a partnership with major global IFS Service and Channel Partner, Envecon. The agreement serves to ensure that all implementations of Pagero services in IFS accounts are well supported by certified IFS consultants.

Access to a reliable IFS service partner and increased support of implementation are not the only benefits the companies’ joint customer base will experience. Pagero and IFS customers will also be able to take advantage of a greater range of Envecon value-added services. Pagero will also widen the scope of IFS-related services already provided to IFS customers globally. Envecon clients will have easier access to Pagero’s far-reaching global business network, as well as order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay automation solutions.

“We at Pagero are pleased to engage with Envecon globally. This will enable Pagero to reach and deliver reliable integrations to more IFS customers,“ states Luis Ortega, Managing Director at Pagero.

“We are fully committed to our customers, and this partnership will bring more value to our service offering. Our customers will benefit from Pagero’s global reach platform and services supported by a reliable IFS partner and system integrator,” says Envecon CEO, Rajesh Nair.

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About Envecon

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Envecon is an IFS Gold Channel Partner globally and Principal Partner in India. It has delivered 300+ IFS projects in 50+ countries enabling 50,000+ users. It provides, through its 24×7 Global Service Desk L1, L2 and L3 support including source code management to 70+ customers.