Wästbygg steps up their environmental game with paperless invoicing

For construction company Wästbygg, sustainability and improving people’s living environments is more than just a trend—it is a priority. In 2018, the company’s financial department joined global efforts toward a greener planet by deciding to go paperless and switching to e-invoicing. The result? Improved data accuracy in AP processes, better strategic decision-making, and the foundations for a more sustainable future.

A big step towards a small carbon footprint

Wästbygg is dedicated to the fight against climate change, and have a history of actively reducing their carbon footprint. Their initiatives include sourcing sustainable materials and have even built their own wind turbine which now provides clean energy to all of their construction sites. Their goal is to be fossil-free by 2030.

”We take our mission as a community builder very seriously and want to contribute to a more sustainable society within our area of activity. Our ambition is to ensure the sustainability of not just our work, but that of our clients‘ projects. It is one way we create added value in our business,” says Sara Langvik, Head of Accounting at Wästbygg.

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increase of e-invoices

The goal: 90% electronic invoices by 2020

In 2018, the company took the next step toward a better, paperless future by implementing Pagero’s AP solution via Pagero’s partner Palette, a leading provider of Purchase-to-Pay automation. Wästbygg had been using Palette’s solution for invoice processing since 2006. During the spring of 2018, Wästbygg’s AP department started their journey of becoming fully-digital by receiving their supplier invoices electronically through Pagero’s open, cloud-based network. Wästbygg’s goal is for their supplier invoices to consist of 90% e-invoices by 2020.

“We take our mission as a community builder very seriously and want to contribute to a more sustainable society within our area of activity.”

“While we encourage new suppliers to switch to e-invoices, Pagero will also help us with this process by starting up a supplier activation project in the near future, freeing up time for us to focus on more value-added tasks,” says Jona Heida Hjalmarsdottir, Accountant at Wästbygg.

AP automation – a gift that keeps on giving

“There are only benefits to switching to a digital AP process,” states Hjalmarsdottir. “It’s climate-smart, we save a lot of time, and we get increased traceability and improved liquidity. Challenges always arise when implementing a new system, but it’s nothing compared to the improved efficiency in time and reduced costs that you gain. Without increasing time or resources, we have been able to process the same number of invoices as before. The time that we save can now be spent on analysis and strategic planning instead.“