Tomra got a solution for the future with Pagero

Meeting customer expectations

Oy Tomra Ab is part of Norwegian group Tomra Systems ASA, which is world-leading in the field of reverse vending. Tomra also creates sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity within the food and mining industry, as well as waste management.

Tomra started using Pagero’s services in 2013. ”Development in general, customer expectations and a need to update our daily routines, were the main reasons to start e-invoicing”, says Mrs. Anu Sillanpää, Country Manager at Tomra. ”However, the decisive factor was the insight that an increasing number of our clients wished to receive their invoices electronically.”

Outbound invoices/year
Inbound Invoices/year
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Up to 60% of the sales invoice are electronic

”Another reason to start e-invoicing had to do with the fact that we updated our ERP system”, says Mrs. Heli Tikkanen, Financial Manager at Tomra. ”Thus, the conditions for e-invoicing were already in place. All we needed was a connection to an operator and some minor modifications to set it up for use.”

Today, up to 60% of Tomra’s sales invoices are electronic. More than 60% of the domestic purchase invoices are in digital format and approximately half of the total amount, when taking into account the invoices within the group, which come in PDF format. Only 10% is pure paper invoices.

In line with a green strategy

”All Tomra’s business activities are associated with optical reading in processes where raw materials are separated from each other and then recaptured and recycled, separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Instead of for example discarding food that does not appear to be suitable for consumption, it is sorted and refined and thus, we show respect for the environment”, Anu Sillanpää says. ”Our line of business requires that we strive for a more environmentally friendly solution if there is one available. Now, our invoice handling is in line with this strategy as well.”

„People working in the accounts payable department are extremely satisfied with the convenient and easy to use solution.“

Convenience and easy to use

”The invoicing itself has not changed much, since we still are creating the invoices in the same financial system as before”, Heli Tikkanen says. “However, manual paper handling has been reduced remarkably and this has led to great changes in our everyday work. People working in the accounts payable department are extremely satisfied with the convenient and easy to use solution.”

”Initially, we got support and guidance to get started. Pagero Online, however, was so easy to use that we did not need any training to get started”, Heli Tikkanen says. “In the few situations we’ve faced difficulties, we have turned to Pagero’s support team, who always finds a solution for us.”