Kommunalbanken is heading for a paperless future with Pagero

A completely digitalised invoice flow

Kommunalbanken AS finances important welfare investments by offering loans to municipalities and local authorities in Norway. The Norwegian Government established Kommunalbanken to secure a stable and adequate source of funding for the municipal sector over time, regardless of the economic situation. All Norwegian municipalities are customers of Kommunalbanken. The bank finances itself in Norwegian and international capital markets and it is a state-owned limited company.

Kommunalbanken Norway (KBN) switched to Pagero’s services in 2013. Today, it receives almost 100% of its inbound invoices electronically and it sends two-thirds of its outbound invoices electronically. Its goal is a completely paperless invoice process, which it expects to achieve in the near future.

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Inbound and outbound invoice volume/year

The environment in focus

The business has lent NOK 14.6 billion to climate-friendly projects in Norwegian municipalities, and environmental concerns are clearly a very important issue within its own organisation as well. Electronic invoicing represents part of KBN’s environmental efforts.

„The environment is very important to us. KBN is eco-certified, we are financing environmental projects and we issue green bonds. This is an important part of our daily operations. It is also one of the reasons why we started using electronic invoicing and Pagero, and we are very pleased with the results,” says Viktorija Kuisyte, Financial Controller at Kommunalbanken. „Almost our entire inbound invoice flow is paperless, and about two-thirds of our customers receive e-invoices from us, which is how many of them can receive them electronically.“

„We’re very pleased with Pagero. We’re surprised by the high quality of their service and how Pagero saves us both time and effort.“

A complete solution for all needs

„I see the future as completely paperless, and we hope that our remaining customers who cannot receive e-invoices will change this very soon. We remind them regularly, so hopefully it will not take too long before we’ve achieved a fully electronic flow of both inbound and outbound invoices. Suppliers who cannot send e-invoices send PDF invoices via email, which Pagero automatically converts into e-invoices so that all invoices come directly into our system without us having to do anything. It was important to us to choose a service provider that could deliver a complete solution where we would not have to spend time on invoice handling,” says Kuisyte. „We did an activation project with Pagero and had incredibly good results. We got everyone onboard surprisingly quickly. We think Pagero works really well and we are very satisfied.“


Excellent quality and great savings

KBN has streamlined its operations, which is saving it money. „We almost never experience any errors. The invoices are correct and we can rely on that. This is the equiva